Our Mission: To transform the way staff thought about their daily roles and achieve marked results in customer service ratings.

Our relationship with Tesco puts our L&D team in a unique position to support the strategic development of the brand. We have developed fully blended customer service strategies for key departments in store, as well as unique eLearning solutions for legal and licensing which use cutting edge gamification and development strategies.


We delivered trial service initiatives in 60 stores with a bold brand and inspiring messaging for the campaign. Our ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions supported the creation of 21 Produce Academies across the UK, with face-to-face training sessions for all tiers of store operations teams.

Fun games/activities and practical exercises for store staff, combined with change management and leadership for store managers and area directors meant that our training reached high numbers.

We provided digital interactions and memorable films to increase engagement alongside a popular social media campaign that spread the message and sustained momentum long after the course.