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How to deliver an audience for your latest brand film
13th October 2017 By Duncan Gunstone, Head of New Ventures

More often than not business success comes down to successful communication. The more people you tell about your products, company updates or services, the more chance you have of selling more, attracting investment and winning brand loyalty.

This is why so many companies invest in brand films – the videos that illustrate the values and principles of your company. It’s not just about your product or services, it’s about what your company stands for. Take Hyundai’s “Shackleton’s Return” campaign film. There is a car in it, but the film is about why Hyundai exists: adventure, family and their company motto: “that people can go anywhere, at any time by automobile.”

The video’s clocked over 100 million views.

But, most companies don’t have the budgets to go to the ends of the Earth. How do you deliver an audience for your brand film?

There are two simple answers: get the story right, and then put it in front of the people who matter to you.

The story is key. The only way you are going to get people to watch your video is if it resonates with them. Most companies fall into the trap of thinking their latest product or CSR initiative is interesting enough for their audience. It is probably vital news for your company, but chances are it’s not that important to your clients or customers.

So think a lot about your audience and make sure that you tell a story that is new, interesting, exciting, valuable, life-affirming or heart-wrenching. A story that will keep them watching. One that is interesting to them, not necessarily you.

Once you have your video, show it to the right people in the way they are consuming video. 1,300,000,000 people use YouTube, so that’s a good place to start. They watch 5 billion videos every day – why should they watch yours? And you probably only need a tiny fraction of those people to see it: your clients, customers, stakeholders or potential investors.

Luckily, YouTube is powered by Google and therefore has most of the functionality of AdWords for specific audience targeting. You can pay, for example, to have your video appear only to business professionals in a specific industry. Of course, some may be enjoying a video of epic fails or the latest computer game – but unless your video appears to them, how will they ever know it’s there?

There are a number of other social media platforms that will cater to your sharing needs and it's worth considering which are the most suitable for your purposes. Find your audience and show them your video. Facebook’s targeting capability is astounding. Whether your company is B2B or B2C, you can put your video directly in front of the people who matter to you.





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