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Social video dos and don'ts
31st October 2017 By Duncan Gunstone, Head of New Ventures

Here at Media Zoo, we love to make successful social media videos. As a creative bunch, we also love pushing the boundaries. We know not everything works all the time, and over the years we’ve learnt what really does work when it comes to social media video.

Here’s our (non-exhaustive) list of do’s and don’ts in social media video:


1.     Do make videos which resonate with your audience. This is our number one top tip for a reason. Understanding what your audience wants to watch is vital – before you even start making a video!

2.     Do keep up a regular stream of video content. Content marketing is a long-game. It can make or break a brand and a business. And if you’re not there for your audience, they’ll go elsewhere.

3.     Do push your videos to the people that matter to you. The amount of data that big digital companies like Facebook have on their users is astounding – use it to show your video to the people who matter to your company.

4.     Do create videos for specific social media channels. Each platform works differently and is used for different reasons. YouTube is great at getting longer, engaged videos views. Facebook offers excellent audience segmentation. Snapchat demands a specific style of animation and live action video. Etc etc...

5.     Do consider live video for hero moments. Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook or Periscope, live is a great way to engage your audience in specific moments. Use it wisely – can you offer a never-before-seen, behind the scenes view of the world, that will attract people to your live event?



1.     Don’t just chase views. But obviously get as many people as possible to watch! At the same time, target specific audiences and consistently measure engagement so you can work out which types of content work best.

2.     Don’t try to be all things to all people. Reduce your effort by sticking to one or two social platforms which are most relevant to your audience. Each one requires a long ‘to do’ list of regular videos, interaction and reporting.

3.     Don’t just focus on your business and what you sell. Your company news and products are vital to your success, but are not always that interesting to the rest of the world. So find content that complements what you do, and entertains, interests and resonates with your audience.

4.     Don’t just post a video. Add all the information around it so people can find it easily. For example in YouTube, add an accurate description, a great title, a specific CTA, detailed tags, a striking thumbnail image and closed captions. It all helps your video surface in searches.

5.     Don’t expect results immediately. Viral videos are great, but with five billion videos watched every day on YouTube, you’d be lucky to have one! The more you concentrate on regular quality content that resonates with your audience, the higher the chance you have of winning the ‘viral lottery.’

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