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The Grand Prix at Cannes 2018
28th September 2018 By Rachel Pendered

Six months ago we were sitting in the office with our client and discussing how in the modern world the problems we face are complex and unique to each situation.

Films that tell people what to do are pointless because they can’t mandate for every challenge. In the case of ‘Losing Mr Renton’ we had a client who wanted to do something that was very sophisticated. They wanted to show genuine challenges to colleagues and inspire them to use their best thinking and creativity to help customers however vulnerable they might be. This was not a tell message it was a think message.

Well executed, films such as Losing Mr Renton have the power to transform how the banking system serves the hardest to reach customers. It is a moving film that tells us a story, a story that has the ability to change us as individuals and as individuals within institutions.

The fact this film has been awarded the highest honour possible - ‘the Grand Prix at Cannes’ is a testament to its simple, human power. It is not a polemic, it is a complex film that does justice to a complex issue. Of all the awards Media Zoo has won to date, this one means the most to everyone involved. It was extraordinarily brave piece of commissioning and without brave clients, we cannot create brave work. 

The Jury President Sebastian Pfotenhauer pointed out that "This work deserves respect. The idea and story-line about a customer who loses his memory is strong and powerful. The quality of the video production was exceptional."

It is with all of this hard work that we will continue to do what we do best in the hope of that our work can inspire others and help clients succeed in a new world.

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