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#ZooFeed 2.0
15th June 2020 By Emily Northcott

We are Client Whisperers… Anyone who has visited the Media Zoo offices will have see this slogan proudly displayed on our walls. It’s a value we all embody day in, day out and there are even internal awards of the same name presented at the end of each year. Our clients value our input, strategy and creative ideas, and see us as trusted partners, not simply a communications agency. 

But we want to go further than that. We don’t just want our views and opinions to be shared just with those who already work with us. We want to share our expertise, our ideas and our knowledge with the wider community, and after much discussion, we’ve decided to relaunch The #ZooFeed Blog. 

With a new editorial team to drive it forward, and a renewed commitment to creating compelling content, we’ve created a new format which will see at least two pieces posted per week. With special announcements shared as and when they come in. 

Every Wednesday from next week there will be a piece of content on any subject from someone who works at Media Zoo. This could be anything from someone’s personal experience on the Media Zoo internship programme, to an in depth analysis of current industry trends and everything in between. 

Every Friday, we’ll be posting “Have I Got News For Zoo”. (Huge thanks to PR Account Manager Alex Williams for providing us with this excellent pun.) This will be an analysis piece on an unavoidable news story from that week. Written by a different member of the PR team each week, we’ll be sharing our thoughts as to why something is so newsworthy, and what it could mean for the industry or our clients. 

We’re also welcoming feedback! If you have any questions or comments on the content, or if there’s anything you’d like to see more of please send an email to the #ZooFeed team. 

We look forward to sharing our ideas with you. Watch this space!

The #ZooFeed Team. 


Editor: Emily Northcott - emily.northcott@mediazoo.tv

Deputy Editor: Emily Drake - emily.drake@mediazoo.tv

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