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Media Zoo Supports Clowns without Borders
4th September 2017 By Rachel Pendered, Managing Director

Media Zoo is pleased to be supporting the innovative charity, Clowns Without Borders.

As part of our commitment to social change, we're proud to give our backing to the charity's professional artists who travel the world bringing the gift of laughter to children affected by war, natural disaster or crisis.

The charity's performances and workshops sensitively entertain children living through the very worst situations, reminding them it’s ok to laugh and be silly; to simply be a kid again. The focus is on the need for small children to engage in laughter and imaginative play and also acknowledges their need for emotional support and reassurance. The clowns' work is a way of saying, “We see you. We care about what happens to you and you are not alone.” Experts in Disaster Relief describe it as “psycho-social treatment”. We call it, “giggle aid!”

In the last twelve months, the charity has created joyful experiences for thousands of Syrian children (and their families) living in refugee camps across Europe, providing precious moments for the release of emotional tension that may otherwise never have happened. 

All the professional performers volunteer their time and expertise for free. This means more donations can be spent on reaching children living through disaster. 

To make a donation or find out more, please visit: www.clownswithoutborders.org.uk

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