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With cafes opening all across the globe, in different cultures that have individual approaches to coffee and service, how do you create a global standard that supports the M&S brand?

The M&S cafe team wanted to create a collection of collaterals that would celebrate the Art of M&S Coffee and allow anyone, anywhere to make the perfect cup of coffee and serve it to perfection.

The course had to be accessible on demand to allow for on-the-job training, factor in limitations in connectivity and be easily understood by non-English speakers.


We set about creating highly visual step-by-step guide, using stylish video and beautiful print designs.

In order to create easily accessible, bite size training, we broke down each element of the baristas craft. From the crema on an espresso to foaming milk we focussed on how to do each element perfectly, through beautifully shot instructional videos and detailed graphics.

These elements were then built into a highly visual print guide on how to construct every type of coffee. This visual guide is now used at the point of service to help baristas remember the volumes, and layers of every coffee they serve.

"It blew me away. The team took the brief and brought it to life like we never could have imagined"

Since the training launched in Hong Kong, there has been an increase of 24% on like for like sales. There have been significant improvements in CSAT Scores with fantastic comments from customers. Some territories have also adopted the posters into the decor of their cafe.

“The materials have been really easy to understand and launch, but without losing the flair, passion and detail of the art of coffee”
Matt Cundrick - International Hospitality Manager, M&S
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