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Smart Business Insights
Consumer Engagement

Barclays wanted to produce a stylish, high quality online advert to promote and educate small business owners about Smart Business Insights, their new sales analysis and insight tool.

The film needed to:

  • Show viewers how this tool is relevant to them and what benefits they can expect
  • Show the software in action in the context of an authentic small business environment
  • Use motion graphics to clearly and inventively depict what the software has to offer
  • Drive visitors to the Smart Business website.
"a great example of how we can push the envelope in our style"

Barclays needed to demonstrate the functionality and features of Smart Business Insight in a way that excited, intrigued and convinced its small business customers. Naturally, small business owners are very time poor, so needed to be shown clearly and succinctly why they should sign up for the software.

The film followed the day to day activities of an authentic coffee shop owner (and Smart Business Insight user) from a third person perspective.

We used prime lenses to capture beautiful sliding shots of the coffee kit, food counters and natural, genuine interactions between the baristas and their customers.

This achieved a really human, authentic feel that supported the key messaging called out by the voice over and stylish, informational graphic overlays.

"a realistic setting that all customers could find relatable"

This film was shared via all of Barclays external channels: Barclays.co.uk, social media, mail outs and even in branch.

The Barclays Smart Business website has seen a 297.08% visitor uplift to the site as a direct result of our promotional video.

Our Barclays’ smart business film has now been nominated for an award at the Cannes Corporate Awards.

“The uplift of click through rate and dwell time proved that we succeeded in reaching our customers and informing them of this great product”
Silas Rooney - Principle Design & Digital Creative Director, Barclays
“This was the first time we created moving graphics over natural shots. It’s a great example of how we can push the envelope in our style...working with Media Zoo we found a realistic setting that all customers could find relatable”
Barclays - Video Design Manager
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