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Arion 1
Breaking The Human Powered British Land Speed Record
Documentary Film

When we discovered that a group of engineering students from Liverpool University were to go to Nevada to try and break the human powered British land speed record in a vehicle that they’d built themselves, our documentary antennae went into overdrive.

We knew this could be a great opportunity to celebrate and encourage British engineering talent at universities. We knew that a film demonstrating that engineering can be cool, would appeal to our client so we pitched the idea.

“The video is fantastic and I wouldn’t change a thing. You’ve done a brilliant job”. Arion 1 - Team Leader

We wanted to create a documentary full of dynamism, determination and jeopardy. We asked the engineering team to create their own user generated footage from inside the vehicle they were racing.

We felt this type of approach would give the viewer a chance to get right inside the action and be part of the story. We then filmed interviews with the team and used their footage to illustrate the story. Through great storytelling and stylised visuals, our aim was to turn a low budget corporate video into a slick, sporting documentary.

"We found the film gave us and our audiences a privileged insight into the drama of the Arion 1 team"

The film had well over a thousand views on YouTube in its first few days.  Our client has since used the film across many platforms including social media, video magazines and its website as well as sharing it with diverse audiences including their own employees, investors, prospective employees, graduates and politicians all to demonstrate their core values of excellence and ambition. The film was also picked up by a number of online sporting magazines and is being used as a promotional tool by the University of Liverpool.

  • Evcom Gold Award Winner
  • Cannes Award Winner Gold
“When we commissioned the film we were expecting a well-cut summary which told the story of the Arion 1 project’s trajectory and outcome. We received a gripping film that subtly showcased our sponsorship, alongside the blood, adrenaline and tears of those most immediately involved. We found the film gave us and our audiences a privileged insight into the drama of the Arion 1 team’s story and reaffirmed our company’s pride in having made it possible”
Arion 1 - Group Communications Manager
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