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With childhood obesity at record levels, how do you persuade a generation of children to get off the sofa, start to run and eat more healthily? The GO Run For Fun charity wanted to demonstrate that running is simple, fun and great for health. They wanted to create a series of humorous animations that would appeal to children, teachers and parents alike.

‘These animations really are world class and ought to be watched by all children’. John Mayock, Former Olympic Athlete

We proposed creating a cartoon character that children could relate to, with a style and charm that would resonate with both teachers and parents.

Enter Dart, the GO Run For Fun mascot. Our animators developed the character and worked with our scriptwriters to create an irreverent attitude and an infectious passion for exercise.

Using thoroughly researched information and collaborating with teachers, we aligned the film content to the school curriculum. We then took Dart on a journey through history and across the globe to tell the story of our bodies and why we need to keep them healthy.

“These films are brilliant. I will definitely be encouraging the children I coach to watch them,” Paul Andrews, children’s athletics coach

This family friendly character has been a smash hit with children around the UK and is now being used globally. It was such a success that we produced a further series of ten animations of approximately three minutes each. The latest version has used state of the art personalisation technology allowing audiences to be addressed individually.

The Dart animation series won Gold at the EVCOM Clarion awards for best CSR film as well as best script writing and best animation at the Cannes film awards.

“I feel passionately about motivating people to get involved in sport and I am proud of this campaign.”
Sebastian Coe, President, IAAF
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