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Namibia desert challenge
Inspiring graduate recruitment film

INEOS’ graduate trainee scheme is like no other.

In a company that requires people to have a certain grit and determination, the young graduates were set the challenge of a lifetime - to run and cycle a series of ultra marathons across the Namibian desert.

We were tasked with making a feature length documentary charting the first group of graduates ever to undertake this massive challenge. Filming from the briefing until the end of the challenge, it was a huge task because of the international nature of the company and the range of people participating.

This film was designed to be shared by the INEOS global community, but was really targeting future generations of graduates. When distributed as an external video, young people can look at it and decide if INEOS with its big asks and even bigger vision is really the company for them.

"Powerful, emotive, inspiring."

We saw an opportunity to make an amazing film that would really stand out from the crowd of traditional recruitment content.

It was a chance to film in a location that would look incredible from every direction, so we made the decision to shoot and master in 4K.

It was also a chance to do something interesting narratively. We used the people on the trip to create compelling characters that the audience would engage with emotionally and feel the pressure of the challenge.

We filmed absolutely everything from training and preparation all the way through to through the finish line, using a mix of user generated content and footage from our agile desert crew.


The film has been shown to all 18,000 colleagues around the INEOS business. Its impact has been so powerful that it has led to a slew of ‘me too’ events, from Iron Man to ultra marathons.

Fitness equipment has now been installed in eleven INEOS sites around the world and colleagues have embraced the health and wellness drive that was kicked off by this extraordinary documentary.

It is about to launch on all INEOS’ external channels and is set to be the centrepiece for all INEOS’ upcoming graduate careers events.

“This powerful, emotive, inspiring film perfectly shows exactly what INEOS is all about. We wanted to give new graduates a taste of the life changing opportunities the company can give them and what we invest in them as people. Having done the challenge before, I have the utmost respect for every single participant and can’t wait to see next year’s grads take on the challenge!”
Richard Longden - Head of Communications, INEOS
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