Countryside runner. Sunshine lover. Champion of creativity
Rachel Pendered
Managing Director
Loves writing, filming and boating
Mark Killick
Creative Director
Avid gardener. Dog lover. Part time philanthropist
Alex Ward
Global Director of Film and Specialist Factual
Championship pool player. All round sports addict.
Giles Smith
Global Solutions Director
Award winner by day. Asleep at night.
Tracey O'Halloran
Deputy Head of Film
Coffee drinker. Creative thinker. Vegan food & basketball fan.
Jake McAuley
Head of Production
Zoo crew cycling captain.
Hannah Christian
Head of Learning
Curator and Creator. Loves mood boards & margaritas.
Nell Campbell
Head of Learning Film
The moustache, the myth, the legend.
Pete Ashcroft
Head of Strategy
Jack of all trades. Master of Pun
James Robinson
Senior Learning Consultant
Hard rock listening. Choccy biscuit munching. Bearded golfing addict
Mike Murray
Commercial Director
Countryside stroller. Sushi roller. Wants two cats when he's older
Tom Ganley
Senior Client Services Manager
Football. Beer. Opera. Italian food. What else is there.
Andrew McLachlan
Head of PR
Summarising your personality in eight words is very -
Joseph Wade
Associate Director
Appreciator of poetry & RnB. Black Americano lover
Amira Boudjeltia
PR Client Services Manager
Media junkie. Avid hiker. No coffee, no life.
Regine Gebauer
Director, Media Zoo Switzerland
Epic tea drinker. Candle maker. Dabbles in yoga
Tash Blakemore
Senior Creative Producer
Quirky. Brunch loving. Cheese hating. Swiss perfectionist.
Gabi Bärtschi
Head of Design
Numbers & Money
Rajiv Matabadul
Head of Finance
$$ Debit and Credit $$
Yuveen Colleemallay
Finance Manager